The Story

"Nature always wears the colour of the spirit"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A visually stunning collection of luxurious dresses and activewear.

Ethically and sustainably produced.

Maschek use only the finest silk and materials, featuring intricate embroidery and beading with attention to detail. Maschek's designs incorporate meticulous pencil drawings and digital art which are a visual study of phenomena at the intersection of nature, geometry, physics, and spirituality. They are inspired by subjects including sacred geometry and Fibonacci spirals. Each fabric print depicts not only the known aspects of nature, but also reveals the unseen, intuitive aspects of the universe. Maschek's designs are a holistic interpretation of nature and express a philosophy that brings forth the wholeness and unity of life.

The clothes we wear tell a story.

Use the opportunity to tell a story of fair wages & a wardrobe free of slave labor. Tell a story of empowerment, social justice and sustainability.